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Wax Stain Carpet

wax stain carpet

wax stain carpet - S C

S C Johnson WAX 71362 "Shout" Carpet Spots & Stain Trigger Cleaner - 32 Oz

S C Johnson WAX 71362 "Shout" Carpet Spots & Stain Trigger Cleaner - 32 Oz

"S C JOHNSON WAX" CARPET TRIGGER CLEANER Size : 32 oz Carpet spotter trigger cleaner. Powerful cleaners lift out tough spots & stains. Even effective on old stains. Deodorizes carpets. Leaves no tacky residue to protect against re-soiling. A spot treatment for carpet that removes stains, deodorizes and protects against resoiling. This product is sold in do-it-yourself/home improvement stores. A film former that creates a protective coating or shine on the surface. A bleach alternative that removes or lessens stains and odors. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to create foam, or as a stabilizer to maintain a product as it is exposed to air, light or heat.

82% (12)

Ruins in Santa Cruz del Quiche

Ruins in Santa Cruz del Quiche

I went to Santa Cruz del Quiche for a night to see these majestic unrestored Mayan ruins. The large, flat field to the center/left is the ball court, the center of most ancient Mayan cities, & the tiny picnicking family should be some indication of the amazing scale.

I was hesitant to be an obnoxious tourist, & couldn't manage any surreptitious pictures of the family making incense offerings at the Temple of the Sovereign Plumed Serpent--but I think these ruins are pretty significant in that they're still actively used for thousand-year-old rituals.

I wanted to come here because of the man-made cave beneath the ruins: a 100m passageway with soot-stained walls narrow enough to touch both at all times, coming to a point high above my head. Smaller passageways lead off every few meters, and end a few feet in with the flicker of votive candles perched on a mass of hardened candle wax. Around the outside of the cave chicken were a few chicken feathers and sticks of incense. From my Rough Guide, which synopsizes it better than I could: "Inside are nine shrines, the same number as there are levels of the Maya underworld, Xibalba. At each shrine devotees pray, but it is the ninth one, housed inside a chamber that is most actively used for sacrifice, incense and alcohol offerings. Why the tunnel was constructed remains uncertain, but local legends suggest it was dug by the K'iche' to hide their women & children from the advancing Spanish who they planned to ambush at Utatlan. Others believe it represents the seven caves of Tula mentioned in the Popul Vuh (the Mayan 'bible' & creation story). Whatever the truth, today the tunnel is the focus for Maya rituals and a favorite spot for sacrifice, the floor carpeted with chiken feathers and candles burning in the alcoves at the end. To get to the tunnel follow signs to la cueva; the entrance is usually littered with empty incense wrappings and aguardiente liquor bottles. Tread carefully inside the tunnel as some of the side passages end abruptly with precipitous drops. If a ceremony is taking place you['ll hear the mumbling of prayers and smell incense smoke as you enter, in which case it's wise not to disturb the proceedings by approaching to closely."

Fountain Room Facelift In Progress

Fountain Room Facelift In Progress

Here is a photo taken by our GM Jerry Cazares after he spent a late night waxing the newly-stained floor. Adios, smelly carpet!

wax stain carpet

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