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Chewing Gum On Carpet

chewing gum on carpet

Breathe in the Prayer

Breathe in the Prayer

Breathe in the Prayer...

Breath of life, wash through my body
as I walk besides this sacred stream...
Father and Mother nearby,
I feel them in the smell of the forest,
in the dark of the deep cave...
they are in the water cascading down the mountainside,
in the fish that leap and glide...
their presence warms my heart
I lay upon the freshly wet forest duff..
Their love wraps itself around me like the softest blanket
as I give my tears to the earth...
and send my prayers on wings to the Creator.

Ancient Cedars carry my heart upwards
as the sap rises in the spring, and oh the smell!
Fresh pine gum fills my mouth with the tangy aroma of life,
as I sense my mother's presence, she
who taught me to chew the delightful gum.
Sounds of the forest catch my attention,
and I remember my dad teaching me to track thru snow...
be alert, always scanning to the front and back
between quick glances at the ground.
A magical place, a sacred space,
not far from home,
yet in another world.

I follow the creek up over waterfalls
and around boulders and logs.
Rich yellow green mosses carpet rocks and soil
in an enticing paradise,
illuminated by spirit, refreshing the soul.
Sacred place, mystical space....
the burdens of the heart melt deep
into accepting earth,
draining away with my tears into the ground.
Slowly, new life creeps up from the Mother,
infuses the cells of my body with vibrant life energy,
and replaces the pain with joy...

A prayer bursts forth with passion,
Crying to my Father above for release;
a prayer of hope,
a prayer of faith.
As I sit up, reborn from the water of the forest,
I give thanks with all my heart.
The Lord's Prayer comes to my lips, not as a rote piece,
but full of meaning and life, color and depth...
... each phrase complete
each word from the heart.
I dip my hands into the blessed water
and wash my pain away.
A new life has begun.

~Darlisa~ 3/21/05

329/365 I can be seen like this SEVERAL times a day..

329/365  I can be seen like this SEVERAL times a day..

Today was Monday.
Today I cleaned the carpets in the living room.
Today I made three banners for my blog.
Today I went to start the burb before G's practice and it wouldn't start after only being home 30 minutes after getting JJ from school.
Today I comforted a very sad boy that lives for baseball:(
Today I buckled and unbuckled a carseat 10 times.....
Today I had a blow out with a 6 year old.
Today I laid down the law and mean mom is on a mission.
Today or any day i will NOT tolerate disrespect in any form.
Today I cleaned out the burb.
Today I banned all candy consumption in the burb.
Today I freaked out and said "if i ever see you chewing gum in my truck..."

Where's the rum?

chewing gum on carpet

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