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Carpet Cleaning Worthing

carpet cleaning worthing

carpet cleaning worthing - The Worthing

The Worthing Saga

The Worthing Saga

It was a miracle of science that permitted human beings to live, if not forever, then for a long, long time. Some people, anyway. The rich, the powerful--they lived their lives at the rate of one year every ten. Somec created two societies: that of people who lived out their normal span and died, and those who slept away the decades, skipping over the intervening years and events. It allowed great plans to be put in motion. It allowed interstellar Empires to be built.

It came near to destroying humanity.

After a long, long time of decadence and stagnation, a few seed ships were sent out to save our species. They carried human embryos and supplies, and teaching robots, and one man. The Worthing Saga is the story of one of these men, Jason WOrthing, and the world he found for the seed he carried.

Orson Scott Card is "a master of the art of storytelling" (Booklist), and The Worthing Saga is a story that only he could have written.

87% (8)

worthing stars

worthing stars

here's the article I found in the Worthing Argus about the porn stars....

Town's al fresco porn film shame

PRODUCERS of a porn film have been accused of bringing shame on a town with al fresco sex scenes.

The last of a five-week series of Road Trip. broadcast on Television X last night, was shot in Worthing.
In the series porn star Super Mario visits towns across the country to film locals having sex with him and his crew.
A stretch of Worthing's beach near Dolphin Lodge and the Worthing Promenade Land Train featured in the show.

Councillor Bob Smyther-man, who leads the opposition Liberal Democrat group on the borough council, said the idea of porn films starring Worthing was "appalling".
He told The Argus: "It's not a good advert for Worthing and it's a shame."
The train's former owner Dave Hunt said the footage must have been taken when a group asked the driver if they could carry out some filming when purchasing tickets around Easter time.
He said: "It wasn't an unusual request as we had a lot of people asking if they could film and the driver was blissfully unaware of what was apparently going on in the back."
Super Mario made a name for himself when he carried out a similar project in Soho and persuaded two police officers. investigating what was going on in his van, to join in with the film-making. .
The pair agreed and were fired after their bosses saw pictures of their antics in a national newspaper.
Super Mario has previously made an episode of Road Trip in Brighton.

It's Henry's Vacuum Gang!

It's Henry's Vacuum Gang!

Henry's notorious Vacuum Gang - now safely behind bars at a caretakers' supply shop in Worthing, where they can no longer commit their terrifying "dust raids" on unsuspecting carpets.

carpet cleaning worthing

carpet cleaning worthing

The Construction of Houses, Fourth Edition

Aimed specifically at those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of building construction as part of a wider sphere of professional activity.

The book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of modern construction and services. In addition most chapters contain information on earlier construction techniques to reflect the age profile fo the UK housing stock.

This fourth edition has a revised text and hundreds of revised graphics, new illustrations and photos, an additional chapter on concrete housing, and an eight page colour section showing a series of photographs of a modern housing development.

This book is the recommended construction text at a number of colleges and universities. It concentrates on principles and practice rather than details and regulations. In doing so it should enable the reader to demonstrate a comprehensive and genuine understanding of modern house construction and its evolution over the last 100 years.

* An extensive and comprehensive introduction to modern construction
* New illustrations and photos
* Eight page colour section

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